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Courses in cancer care and support


THE HOPE COURSE (Helping Overcome Problems Effectively)

Sometimes after treatment ends, people speak about being expected to ‘move on’ or ‘get back to normal’ but may still be experiencing a number of health, emotional or practical issues.

HOPE is a 7 week course developed by Coventry University and funded by Macmillan Cancer Support, designed to help you manage the day to day impact cancer can have on your life. It aims to help rediscover your strengths and make the most of the good things in your life. The first session is a ‘taster’ so you can try it out before you commit to anything. There are between 8 and 12 people in a supportive, friendly group setting and the time is spent in facilitated discussion, with some group activities and ideas to try between sessions.

HOPE is run by trained facilitators, at least one of whom has had a cancer experience themselves.

"This course has really helped me to focus on the future and to be positive about what lies ahead, instead of worrying about the what, ifs, if onlys, whys and maybes."
HOPE course participant, Southport



Other courses are also run at the Macmillan Information & Support Centre, such as a bereavement course, cooking course, and cake decorating course. Please contact the Living Well Centre directly to enquire about or book onto any of these courses. The phone number for the Macmillan Information & Support Centre is 01704 533024.

We are keen to provide a wide range of courses to help anyone affected by cancer, so please feel free to make suggestions of any courses you might like to see at the centre and we will look into this. In the past we have run an "Affected by Cancer Course", though our last course had to be cancelled due to insufficient numbers. Please contact us if you would like to attend this course and we can rearrange it in the future, if we have sufficient interest.

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